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Jasmine Bailey Delivers A Prismatic Performance Of Her Latest Single, "The Getaway"

The Recording Academy

The Art of Sound: Jasmine Bailey’s Pursuit of Immersive Musical Experiences

UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music

by Jessica Wolf

Songwriter, performer, producer Jasmine Bailey has a vision for her art form, a world of immersive soundscapes and multisensory communal experiences that bring artists and audiences closer together.

Bailey is graduating this year with a degree in musicology from The Herb Alpert School of Music. She’s simultaneously preparing the release of “Negative Space” the debut full-length album she wrote, performed and co-produced. (Check out a sneak peek here). In it, Bailey harnesses synesthetic poetry, R&B grooves and with lyrics that approach themes of isolation, healing, identity, and transformation. She was awarded an honorable mention in the second annual Class Artist competition sponsored by the Chancellor’s Council on the Arts for the piece.

In making her album, Bailey became inspired by immersive sound design.

Jasmine Bailey on Opening Up Through Song

Headliner Magazine

Pasadena-based singer-songwriter Jasmine Bailey opens up about overcoming shyness to become a gigging musician and reveals how a burden has been lifted by revealing a very personal side of herself through song. 

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