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The Recording Academy: Positive Vibes Only: Jasmine Bailey Delivers A Prismatic Performance Of Her Latest Single, "The Getaway"

Jasmine Bailey Delivers A Prismatic Performance Of Her Latest Single, "The Getaway"

Three to Stream - The Sacramento Bee

New performances from ‘Cider Sessions’

Electric jazz-tickled indie folk from Jasmine Bailey is part of the new “Cider Sessions Volume 8.” JASMINE BAILEY MUSIC

SD Voyager: Thought Provokers: Jasmine Bailey

Local Stories

Check out Jasmine Bailey’s Artwork: in this featured interview in SD Voyager's #SDCREATIVES and Thought Provokers Series.

Headliner Magazine


Pasadena-based singer-songwriter Jasmine Bailey opens up about overcoming shyness to become a gigging musician and reveals how a burden has been lifted by revealing a very personal side of herself through song.

Kieranae & Jasmine Bailey - Taco Nap Feat. Russell Seward (Review)

LA on Lock - The #1 Source For Underground Hype in LA

Rating: 4 out of 5

“Some tracks just have that ability to quickly establish a mood and vibe. And when paired with the right emotion, it is those tracks that land in our very soul. This is that kind of track. The kind of musical piece perfect for chilling and watching the sun slide down in the west.

This is the kind of music that somehow brings us closer to our inner self as we listen. Tranquil and calm, the vocals both sooth and evoke, which is a tough combination to achieve.”

— Travis Erwin (LA on Lock Blogger)

Jasmine Bailey Live at The House of Blues

by Jenna Northum

A concert review, photo essay of independent artist Jasmine Bailey, at her most recent show. House of Blues San Diego, CA and invite-only private house show. Exclusively premiered on Pure Nowhere Magazine. 

Wild Woman & the West Coast

by Jasmine Bailey

She romps through forests and cities, howls at the moon, hops trains, speaks her mind and takes lovers in towns she passes through. A tour review/ Photo diary of a woman on the road.

Sound on Sound: B-Side Project Winners Announced

Sound on Sound

The winners of this year's B-Side Project worldwide remix competition have been announced. The culmination of a ten-month process that saw more than 600 musicians, bands and producers from over 60 different countries take part, the 2018 awards ceremony was held at Strongroom Studios Bar & Kitchen... London recording studio, and streamed live online.

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