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jasmine bailey

jasmine bailey

Jasmine Bailey is an indie soul artist based in Los Angeles, mesmerizing listeners with her smooth vocals that float atop lush, jazzy, R&B soundscapes. Merging influences of 60's psychedelic rock through her shimmering electric guitar, and smoky, playful lyricism that evokes comparisons to Jill Scott and Erykah Badu, Jasmine prides themselves on being a multifaceted storyteller and creator.


Her debut album, Negative Space, was co-produced with DeShawnBigD, and was released on June 21st with Sacramento-based label, CREW. In April, her single, Present Moment, with jazz-pop collective, Part Time Love Affair, was premiered on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic with Francesca Harding. Jasmine Bailey recently earned their BA in Musicology from UCLA, and was named an honorable mention in UCLA's school-wide, multi-disciplinary competition as 2024 Artist of the Year. Her artistic work has been featured on The Recording Academy's Positive Vibes Only series, QSC Touchmix Sessions, as well as UK-based Headliner Radio.

She is a 2022 Point Foundation Scholar, 2019 SAMMIES Awards Nominee in Best Singer/Songwriter, and 2016 National YoungArts Winner in Voice & Songwriting.


She has shared stages opening for various Penrose Records artists including Thee Sinseers and The Altons, and collaborated with various artists including Jaclyn Lovey, Divina Jasso, Helena Holleran, and Alfred Howard.



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